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Choosing a best fish tank heater

A fish tank heater is one of the most effective tools to help provide your fish with the environment it deserves. If you would like your fish to live a longer and healthier life, you must try to mimic its natural habitat (as very much as possible). Saltwater and best freshwater aquarium fish each do perfect in warm water that stays consistent. Angelfish is one example of tropical fish. Coldwater fish on the opposite hand like Koi will survive without a heated tank. If the temperature in the tank isn’t well-managed, it will make a lot of fish vulnerable to certain varieties of diseases like ich. Always pay close attention to the water temperature in your tank especially during season change.

When selecting a fish tank heater, don’t go for the cheapest one. We’ve all been there! We always get what we pay for. Yes, you may have saved money now but in the long run, you would have to spend more. Cheaper brands have the tendency to break or malfunction in just a short period of time. Also, a lot of cheaper alternatives do not have an accurate heat setting. When it comes to your fish’s well-being, you need something that you can rely on. I personally go for mid-priced heaters because they don’t fail to deliver and they don’t really hurt my pocket. Most brands have reliable thermostat controls and they have the ability to maintain a constant temperature without doing some adjustments all the time. Make sure you check on your fish tank heater from time to time so that you’ll know that it’s still working properly and of course, you want to ensure accuracy.

Invest in a good thermometer that you can stick to the outside glass so you’ll know that your heater is working properly. I don’t suggest those floating thermometers because they’re often harder to read. You also have to put an automatic thermostat that can respond to the temperature fluctuations. The 3 types of fish tank heaters include Thermo Heater, Rod-type, and Bottom Heater. The first one is a heater and filter conveniently built into one device. What’s good about this heater is that the water is cleaned and warmed at the same time. The Rod-type is attached vertically to the back wall of the tank and it can either be submersible or not. Read the user’s manual because it will tell you if you can submerge the heater or not. The last type, bottom heater, comes with heat cables that are supposed to be situated on the bottom of the tank before the substrate is added. They are good for plant tanks but they’re quite on the high-end side.

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