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Betta Fish Care Guide by Fishdesire

Knowing how to care for your Betta fish is very important in order for it to survive. There are many choices when it comes to choosing between various betta aquariums. If you have just purchased a Betta, you’re probably setting up his home. The first thing you need is a tank. The bigger the tank is the better, since bettas tend to be happier with more territory. If you have no other fish, a three to 5 gallon fish tank is a great choice. If you do have other fish, choosing a larger tank would be more fitting and make it less crowded. Although it isn’t a good idea to place a Betta in with other fish, it has been done. Bettas are very territorial and will attack other fish that wander into their territory.

Some betta fish tank has some sort of decor, whether it is a single plant, decorative gravel, or a small cave. The more creative you are with your aquarium, the happier your Betta will be. Many new Betta owners use a vase to keep their Betta in. This is all good as long as the vase is large enough for the Betta to swim around, explore, and not be crowded into a very small space. A comfortably sized aquarium is always your best bet for a happy Betta fish.

When placing plants in a betta aquarium you should make sure that the plant does not have leaves that will catch on the fins of the Betta. Some plants have spiny foliage that can catch the fins and tear them. The best choice is to choose either fake plants for your tank or live plants that have well-rounded foliage. Fish tank gravel is a good way to ground the plants into the tank. Using clay can make the tank water murky and not a pleasant place for your Betta to live.

Planting live plants into your tank will also require them to be fed as well as the Betta. One of the main deficiencies that plants have when planted into gravel is iron. You can prevent this by using iron supplements. Be sure to research the plants you plan to place in your tank before purchasing to make sure they are compatible with your Betta and that you are not wasting time or money on something that may or may not live.

Best Betta fish tank comes in all shapes and sizes from the smallest vase to huge 50 plus gallon tanks. There are so many various types to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your decor and make your Betta very happy.


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