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Best Size Fish Tank for Beginners

Aquariums come in all shapes in sizes, finding the right one comes down to what you want to stock. Looking to hold a couple of goldfish or a large school of tropical fish? A 5 gallon fish tank is only going to be suitable for a small handful of tropical fish or 1-2 goldfish (possiblyContinue reading “Best Size Fish Tank for Beginners”


Betta Fish Care Guide by Fishdesire

Knowing how to care for your Betta fish is very important in order for it to survive. There are many choices when it comes to choosing between various betta aquariums. If you have just purchased a Betta, you’re probably setting up his home. The first thing you need is a tank. The bigger the tankContinue reading “Betta Fish Care Guide by Fishdesire”

Choosing a best fish tank heater

A fish tank heater is one of the most effective tools to help provide your fish with the environment it deserves. If you would like your fish to live a longer and healthier life, you must try to mimic its natural habitat (as very much as possible). Saltwater and best freshwater aquarium fish each doContinue reading “Choosing a best fish tank heater”

Know about 10 gallon fish tank

A 10 gallon fish tank is one of the most common sizes for a fish tank. They’re large enough to hold a large variety of fish while being small enough to fit in nearly any room or setting. With the right filter, a 10 gallon aquarium is fairly low maintenance. That is not to sayContinue reading “Know about 10 gallon fish tank”

Importance of Fish tank gravel

When you are out shopping for a new fish tank, you actually need to get some fish tank gravel. The gravel sits at the bottom of your aquarium and helps to make your aquarium a unique haven for your fish. Aquarium gravel can be bought in either natural or colored styles. If you choose forContinue reading “Importance of Fish tank gravel”

Fish Tank Heater | Fishdesire

A side from the condition of the water, there’s most likely nothing as necessary to properly maintaining an aquarium then keeping the temperature of the water at a set level. Both saltwater and freshwater fish thrive best in heat water that stays constant. They’re after all tropical fish. Goldfish, on the opposite hand, are cold-waterContinue reading “Fish Tank Heater | Fishdesire”